Services Provided

• Degreasing: Detergent, Foaming
   & Non-Rinse
• Blasting: Water Jet, Steam Vapor,
   Ice Blasting, & Medias-Dustless
• Dust Remediation: Blow Down,
   Vacuum Extraction & Explosion
• Slug & Bi-Product Removal
   & Extraction
• Diamond Grinding with Vacuum
   pick up


Dean Baughman Industrial Services committed to the needs of our clients for over 20 years. We are committed to serving you twenty-four hours a day, weekends, holidays, whatever timetable your project demands. Our goal is always to complete an assignment in a timely manner with no interruption to your plant schedule.

Quality Cleaning

Dean Baughman Industrial Services offers cleaning for all substrates in all arenas of commercial and industrial environments. We are continuously providing a cleaner, healthier work environment. We would be happy to have the opportunity to consult and bid on future cleaning projects. 


An expert in explosions caused by dust at the University of Michigan says there is only one way to avoid industrial dust explosions – clean up the dust.

The professionals at Advanced Indoor Air Quality Care are highly trained and experienced, utilizing high reaching and high lifting mechanized equipment, along with ladders and scaffolding, and our technicians are able to safely access the work areas to allow maximum combustible dust removal. We are active Members of ISN, the leading Safety Organization – safety is our #1 goal for your company in eliminating the dangers and doing it safely. We work in compliance with OSHA Standards. We also offer duct cleaning, dry ice blasting, and indoor air quality care for the facility.

Advanced Indoor Air Quality Care is trained in accordance to NFPA 654. NFPA 654 is the standard for the prevention of fire and dust explosions from the manufacturing, processing, and handling of combustible particulate solids and all other applicable regulatory requirements and standards.
Please contact for a free estimate or analysis of potential risk at your facility.


Services Provided

• Acrylic Coatings
• Epoxy Coatings
• Urethane Coatings
• Waterproofing Systems
• Safety Markings & Color 
• Specialty Coatings


We are proud to provide only the best materials available on the market and constantly seek out new and improved products. Before using a new product in an industrial setting, it is our tradition to test the product in our state-of-the-art facility to make certain of its strength and quality. Only the finest coating products and up-to-date equipment can achieve the results that meet our standards. When you see the Baughman name, you know this is a company committed to quality. 

Quality Coating

Dean Baughman Industrial Services offers coatings for all substrates. We strive to meet the needs of customers demanding schedules and working with monthly budgets with or without using capital funding. Give us the opportunity to consult and bid on future coating projects. Your goals are our goals.


Services Provided

• Epoxy/Urethane Mortars
• Polishing
• Thin Film Systems
• Epoxy Systems
• Urethane Systems
• Self-Leveling Systems
• Joint Removal/Expansion
• Non-Skid and Flake/Chip Broadcast
• Decorative Systems
• Elastomeric Systems
• Patching & Repair
• Structural Epoxy Membranes 
• Polyuria Systems


Our managing staff possesses in-depth knowledge of the various coating processes and takes pride in its combined coating experience of over 100 years. Our painting staff is of the highest caliber and takes great satisfaction in its work and stringent safety measures. Without this combination, repeat business as we are acquiring from worldwide industries, would not be possible. It takes a special commitment to quality and experience to make a difference and to leave the plant work setting a cleaner, brighter and safer place. 

Quality Flooring

Dean Baughman Industrial Services offers coatings for all substrates providing a solution to your flooring needs.

Talk with us Today about your  Factory’s: Cleaning/Coating & Flooring needs! Contact us to bid on your future projects. 



260-615-0229  Dean Baughman-Owner  

Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm


We have a trained staff of estimators and applicators that have seen every type of application and have the experience to meet your every need.


- Cleaning

- Coating

- Flooring

- Combustible Dust Removal

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